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Our Program

Our Program

We are a small, family owned breeder of top quality Working Line

German Shepherds. We are located on five acres of Old New England

family farmland dating back to the 1700’s. Open fields and miles of

wooded trails provide the optimal environment to breed, raise and train

our beautiful German Shepherds.

We are centrally located to many cities of New England. We are

approximately 2 hours from Boston, 2.5 hours from Providence, RI;

1.5 hours from Worcester, MA; 1 hour from Springfield, MA; 1.5 hours

from Hartford, CT and 3.5 hours from New York City.

For over 15 years we have owned, trained, and bred German Shepherds.

In recent years we have begun to take our breeding program more

seriously. This has led to the investment of better facilities for our

program and more importantly top quality imports of SV pink papered,

titled, West German Working Line as well as Show Line Shepherds. We

have been working hard to promote the careful breeding of top line German Shepherds. These wonderful dogs have become a passion as we have come to love their look, temperaments, drives and obedience.

                                         Our Shepherds are family raised and are not “kennel” dogs. While we have a quality facility to                                                   house our dogs they are truly a part of our family. They spend most of their time with the family,                                               sleep in our bedrooms and lay at our feet while we watch TV. Each dog is rotated in and out of our                                           kennel area depending on current litters, family schedules, and activities taking place in the home.                                           We have no dogs that are resigned to the kennel area; all our dogs go into town to run errands,                                               play with our kids, and interact with company and our kids’ friends.

                                        Our puppies are given the same level of care and attention that our dogs receive. From birth until                                            they are placed in the proper homes they are carefully handled by friends and family members.                                                They are socialized and introduced to regular sights and sounds that any puppy is likely to                                                        experience in their permanent homes such as: vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, dishwashers etc.                                                We socialize each pup as though it were going to be a member of our own home. They are leash    trained at an early age. We take them for rides into town and walk up and down “Main Street” where they meet new people and other dogs. We begin some light basic training such as “sit”, “here”, “down” etc. for pups that remain with us beyond 8-10 weeks.

While not a certified trainer, I have many years of experience training dogs. At Diamond Match we realize that not everyone wants to purchase a “brand new” untrained pup. For an additional fee, we are willing to provide basic obedience training for your pup. If you are local we are willing to provide training services and coaching.

If you prefer, we will train your pup in basic obedience before we send him/her to

their new home. This is a customized service that we would be happy to discuss on

an individual bases.

We know that buying a top quality German Shepherd is a long term investment.

They become part of your life and family. They become your best friend, companions

for your kids and protectors of your home and property. We raise each of our pups to

fulfill these unique roles. This is what makes the working German Shepherds some of

the best dogs on earth. Please feel free to contact us and see if Diamond Match

German Shepherds has the right match for you.

Kevin 413-687-1212

Family Raised dogs at Diamond Match German Shepherds
Children and Puppies at Diamond Match German Shepherds
Well socialized puppies at Diamond Match German Shepherds
Our Team

Our Team

Kevin Williams Owner Trainer Diamond Match German Shepherds
Kevin Williams


Janet Williams of Diamond Match German Shepherds
Janet Williams

Marketing Director

Puppies are loved and cared for at Diamond Match German Shepherds
Karen Williams

Chief Socializer

Naomi Rice of Diamond Match German Shepherds
Naomi Johnson

Trainer in Training

Our Facility

Our Facility

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