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Board and Train

Why Board and Train?
  • Brakes dog from regular routine

  • Places dog in a controlled environment conditioned for learning

  • Gives dog focus and purpose for training

  • Allows dog consistency of training


Our Trainers:

At Diamond Match German Shepherds our staff and trainers have a love

for K-9s and for training dogs. We have experience dealing with a variety

of social and disciplinary problems in dogs. Our focused 4 to 8-week

program will transform your K-9 partner. This will allow you as the owner

to enjoy your dog. Imagine being able to walk your dog without pulling or

to take a walk and not have your dog react to every dog you meet. 

Imagine putting your dog down in a stay and coming back to find him/her

still where you left them. Or to recall and have your dog run past

distractions to get to you.


What one of our customers said about a board and train:

“I’m so glad we came across Diamond Match German Shepherds! Like many shepherds, my pup was an incredibly stubborn puppy. We had tried one another trainer, but they didn’t really deal with many shepherds. We learned a lot and got some basic manners, but we still needed a lot of help. Kevin met with my husband and I at tractor supply and spent a couple hours speaking with us, evaluating the pup, and showing us a few different training tips. After seeing how incredible Kevin was with our pup, we knew we had to use him as a trainer. We decided on boarding and training, and I think that was best. Rambo got one on one training with Kevin and another trainer every day. The kennels, potty, and play/training areas were very clean and well maintained. The potty area especially- getting cleaned every time a dog had done its business. We boarded our pup for a month and he came home with a whole new attitude. When I went to pick him up, Kevin made sure to go through everything he had taught the pup and how he taught it, by telling me and then demonstrating, and then having me try it as well to make sure I understood and could continue working on things at home. On top of all the knowledge he gave me, Kevin has checked in and also reminded me I can always contact him if I need advice or if I want to meet up and work on something that we’re stuck on. All together this is the best training experience we’ve had, that also didn’t cost us an arm and a leg. The trainers are 100% about the dog’s health and well-being, and also do a great job of keeping you updated on your pup if you choose to board them. I will definitely be returning to them for any future training needs we have!”

Working with the customer after a board and train
board and train starts at a young age
This is what a Board and Train session can do for your k-9 Partner!


Give us a call! We will provide a consultation and develop a custom training plan for your K9 buddy! 413-687-1212
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