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Service Dog Training

For thousand of years k-9s have been used to assist mankind in many ways. However, only recently have we began to realize how helpful dogs can be, not only for visible physical disabilities, but also invisible disabilities. Service dogs and k-9 companions have been shown not only to change a life but to also save lives!

At Diamond Match German Shepherds our service dogs come from our own top quality breeding stock or direct import from Germany.  Because of this we can be certain that our service dogs will be properly socialized with a sound clear mind, have courage and proper structure. A service dog is an investment, so invest in a German Shepherd with solid character.

Service dog training in stores

In 2013 we began training service dogs for Rebuilding Warriors, a non-profit organization out of California, dedicated to placing service dogs with wounded veterans.  Since that time we have talked with many in the civilian world who, through trauma, abuse, neglect, or medical and physical needs, could benefit from the help that a service K-9 can provide.

We are now offering trained service dogs from our top quality bloodlines to civilians and veterans alike directly through Diamond Match.

At Diamond Match we are focusing our training for individuals with

the following needs:

  • PTSD and debilitating anxiety resulting from, but not limited to:

        assault, abuse, neglect, trauma

  • Autism

  • Mobility

  • Veterans who may not qualify for free veteran programs and

        want to purchase a K-9 companion privately.

If interested, please call for an interview:  (413)687-1212

Service dog and her recipient
Lee and Hero
Service Puppy in Training
Charlee goes to church
Chewy's first day of training
Charlee at concert
Charlee at Concert
Ready to start training
Alpha in Boston
Alpha in Boston
Mall Training
Down Stay
Nika and Penny

Veteran Organizations we train for

This program recognizes the benefits that a service dog can bring to a wounded veteran whether they suffer from physical injuries or PTSD.  Twenty-two veterans take their own lives every day! We believe that service dogs help save lives.

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